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Eco Fusion Accessibility Implementation Project 


Accessibility Implementation Project Manager, UXR 






R studio 



May 2022 - Aug-2022


In today's hectic world, people face increasing stress, often without easy access to professional help. Our team explored ways to offer guided meditation and relaxation exercises to improve mental well-being anytime, anywhere.


Our app helps people manage their well-being with guided meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, fitting into their busy lives effortlessly.


I led user research and the design of Serenita, the mindfulness app, and managed the accessibility implementation project to enhance app accessibility for users with vision impairments, limited mobility, and photosensitivity.

 🔎 Research 

1. Competitive Product Analysis 

Our team looked at direct competitors, similar daily mindfulness apps, like headspace, calm, as well as indirect competitors like Nike sports and Corepower yoga.  



Nice to have: 

  1. Track Practice History 

  2. Progress indicators 

  3. Goal setting tools 

Must have: 

  1. Daily Mindfulness exercise 

  2. Summary of stress score and practice data 

  3. Assistive technology features 

2. Survey 

The survey contains 98 responses from individuals who have different stress levels and have various familiarity with daily mindfulness exercise. 

Survey objectives: 

1. To identify the most common time periods during which individuals experience stress


2. To explore the effectiveness of various stress relief methods tried by participants


3. To gather recommendations from respondents regarding activities or practices they find helpful in reducing stress

 💡 Based on the Survey Response, we identified 3 user groups: 


3 User Groups 


Through user research, we came up with several ideas for improving the app, including:


  • Generating a report for users to easily track their practice history

  • Adding a calendar feature for goal setting and tracking progress

  • Integrating assistive technology for users with visual or hearing impairments

  • Making font size adjustment easily accessible

  • Adding a progress bar to help users track their progress in stress measuring

🎨 Design 

1. Information Architecture

The Stress Checker Function was designed to help users easily monitor their progress and stay on top of their wellness goals. 


Side Map of the App's Stress Tracking Function 

2. Low-Fi and High-Fi Prototype 


Serenita App Low Fidelity Prototype 


Serenita App High Fidelity Prototype 

3. Usability Testing  

1. I conducted user testing between 3 user groups, resulting in 9 moderated interviews on 

2. I summarized results using Miro and presented my results to product design team. 


Summary Table of One User Interview 

🎗️ Accessibility Project Management 

1. Design, management, and oversight app's accessibility features  

After conducting user research, it became evident that our app lacks essential accessibility features. In response to this discovery, I lead the Accessibility Team with the primary objective of enhancing the app's inclusivity and accessibility.

We integrated accessible features in the Serenita app, such as: 


- Voice Over 

- Dim Flashing Lights 

- Dynamic Type 

- Display customization 


- Voice Control 

- Switch Control 


Through Jira, I established objectives and project plans, monitored progress, and tracked bugs while incorporating assistive technology into the app.


Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 1.20.44 PM.png

Manage this accessibility project using Jira 

2. Result 

Over the course of a two-month timeline, we successfully implemented app accessibility features for users with vision impairments, limited mobility, and photosensitivity, resulting in significant improvement in app's accessibility. 

For Example

1. Users can now adjust reading and font sizes through both their phone settings and the app's settings.

2. The screen reader function and live captioning have been added to further enhance accessibility for users.


Demo: Before and After adding accessibility features 

🌟 Outcomes and Contributions 

I involved in this project as a project manager and UX researcher. Through research, we realized that our app lacks essential accessibility features, which informed the decision to establish an accessibility team to improve these features. As the project manager responsible for accessibility implementation, I led the design, management, and oversight of the accessibility features implementation using Jira Kanban. I established clear objectives and project plans, monitored progress, and tracked bugs throughout the app development process, resulting in the resolution of issues and leading to a 23% increase in user ratings for accessibility.


This experience reinforced my belief that a thorough understanding of the users is key to creating a successful product. Additionally, I learned how to establish objectives, create daily sprints and effectively communicate members, leading to a more user-centric product.

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